JustRight Surgical

JustRight Surgical

JustRight Surgical was founded in 2010 to develop and produce precisely designed surgical instruments that allow access to confined structures found in pediatric and other surgical procedures.

The company currently produces a downsized stapler and a tissue sealer that is 4X smaller than any other sealer on the market today. Before JustRight’s instruments were available, surgeons were forced to use surgical tools that were much too large for some of their surgeries. A smaller surgical tool works better in smaller spaces and even when a bigger instrument can work well, the smaller incisions and access required by JustRight’s products accelerate the patient's recovery process.

Investment Status:
Crescendo Capital Partners is provided equity in December, 2015 to support the product ramp as the products are introduced to surgeons in North America and Europe. JustRight Surgical is headquartered in Louisville, CO.

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